titolare della sede

Il reggente della sede AICS Mogadiscio e' Fabio Melloni.

Qui di seguito il messaggio di saluti e ringraziamenti del Direttore uscente Guglielmo Giordano:

Dear friends,

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m writing to let you know that my position in Somalia has come to an end.  After being here for 6 years/After 6 years of successful collaboration, I will be leaving on the 31st of January.

I wanted to pass a particular message of appreciation and thanks to all who have been of great support to me, facilitating the carrying out of my duties over the past years.

My time at the Somalia AICS office has been one of immense fulfilment/enjoyment and satisfaction. I have had the opportunity to meet people from a variety of places and positions, working on a daily level with Prime Ministers, ministers and DGs but also talking with farmers and everyday people, who have provided useful information and suggestions. This allowed me a better understanding of the Somali context/(of Somali issues), on the ground as well as in the upper levels of government, facilitating my tasks and leading to the achievement of several activities and initiatives that were and will hopefully continue to be of some support to the Somali people. Though not necessarily because of such work, I’m convinced Somalia is in a much better condition than when I arrived. Many ministries, if not yet all, have improved in defending the rights of their citizens and are serving them better, contributing to strengthening the social pact which is the fundamental base for any society and nation and contributing to the transition from violence to peace and from an economy based on war to another based on peaceful production and trade. 

Since its opening, I have seen the Somalia AICS office improve, and be better able to respond to the needs of more sectors and collaborate with Government Institutions, UN Agencies, IFI and both international and national local NGOS and foundations (no matter how small), across all regions of Somalia and Somaliland. I am proud of what it has achieved through the hard work and dedication of all the staff over these 6 years.

The special relationship we have built over the years, with many colleagues and ministers as well as the heads of bilateral agencies, has given us a unique platform to facilitate a conducive environment for efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian aid and development results.

All that brings me to say thank you, all of you, for your continued support. 

The office will be supervised by Fabio Melloni, Head of the Regional AICS office in Nairobi as Acting Director until the recruitment of a new Director for Somalia is finalised. But, more importantly, I am leaving the ongoing and planned activities in safe hands, with the Somalia office team, (Clara, Stefano, Vincenzo) and all the AICS Somalia staff which in these years have shared with me challenges and achievements. I hope that you continue to support them and the future director in the same way you supported me.

Let me say a final word to acknowledge the strong and continuous support received by the Embassy colleagues during this time, which even improved in the last two years.

I’m off to an exciting and, again, challenging new position as AICS’s new director to Palestine.  Feel free to contact me, my email address will remain the same, if you come to Jerusalem, a very important center for the three monotheistic religions.


Fabio Melloni e Guglielmo Giordano